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What is a Brochure?

A brochure is part of the stationery of a particular company, which can represent this company. That is, there is a very close link between a Brochure and a company’s corporate identity.

When we talk about corporate identity we are talking about a group of methods, forms, pieces, ideas, aspects and techniques a company uses to be easily identified and, thus, differentiate itself from its competition. A company’s corporate identity is generally formed by pieces that make up a specific communication style. One of the most important pieces for your company’s identity is a Brochure.

When we talk about Brochures we talk about different ways to communicate a message through image. That is to say, through advertising tri-folds, project presentation folders, postcards, catalogs, flyers, labels, posters, or any other means of visual communication. Brochures make up the printing material of a company that wants to strengthen its image among its target.

It’s important to consider that each type of Brochure requires a specific planning, layout and specific distribution. Distributing a brochure on the street and through other specialized means involve very different processes. Selecting the color palette for a flyer is different from selecting it for a folder. The writing of a slogan that will be printed on a tri-fold will be different from the writing one for a poster. The making of each type of Brochure requires different feature to be accurate.

Our website will inform you about the existing types of Brochures on the market and about the basic criteria that each type needs in order to be effective. A Brochure has three main objectives: it communicates a specific message, it has an identification effect, it broadens the awareness of someone or something.

It communicates a specific message, that is, they are the means used for the transmission of specific information. Generally, this information is related to a concept the company has built beforehand. For this reason, you should be able to clearly define the type of information you want to communicate before starting any Brochure campaign. The clearer and more summarized the message is, the more fluent the communication between the company and the potential customers will be.

It has an identification effect, that is, a Brochure will reinforce a company’s corporate identity. From this point of view, coherence is very important and you should remember this. A Brochure campaign should not last a short period of time, but a considerable time. In this way, the brand’s image will slowly stick to the target’s mind and will gain consolidation. The concept should be clearly defined for it to last and for you to be able to handle it. A defined concept will allow you to easily modify the idea without difficulty.

It broadens the awareness of someone or something. That is, a Brochure can work as an excellent broadening tool. Thanks to Brochures a brand and the characteristics attributed to it through the concept can be stuck to the target audience’s mind. From this point of view, a Brochure is a fundamental marketing tool. It’s known that the broadening of a company’s awareness is as important as other aspects, such as the quality and adaptation to a specific target. In this way, Brochures are an ideal means.

It’s important to consider these three aspects, which we have summarized in independent groups to convey this message in a clearer way. But remember that they should actually be considered as one and that they work simultaneously. For this reason, when starting a campaign you should give importance to these three functions that Brochures have and determine, in this way, which characteristics your company should enjoy to fulfill your objectives.

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