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A Brochure campaign starts when you start exchanging ideas and suggestions with the graphic designer. However, there are some aspects to take into consideration before starting the Brochure design, since this is also part of the process.

The aim of this section is to provide you with useful information that will allow you to carry out an effective Brochure development process. It should be considered that, when it comes to a Brochure campaign, the development of the concept is just as important as the development of the material itself.

Tip 1. It’s very important that you are aware of the fact that the definition of a concept is essential for your Brochure. For this reason, the first thing to do is to decide the character of your campaign. Informative campaigns are one of the options. If you are carrying out a campaign of informative character then the main objective will be to convey clearly the aims of your products to prospective customers. An advertising campaign is another choice. This type of campaign is aimed at spreading a product in a specific market. Although these campaigns tend to complement each other, one of these characters should stand out and work as a guide to arrange the graphic pieces.

Tip 2. Your Brochure campaign should be run having in mind the way the design piece should be adapted according to the means used to distribute it. There is a great difference between a postcard designed to be handed out on the street than one designed to be given out in a private place, as well as a trifold designed to be distributed to a large audience is quite different from one designed to be given to a specific group.

Tip 3. Produce the written content for the Brochure before getting started with the design. Although they are independent processes, they depend on each other, and a small modification in the text in the nick of time could end up in a complete modification of the predetermined design. A company representative will give you the necessary technical guidelines, such as the proper word processor you should use for writing the content, the type of register you will need to use regarding the way they will be distributed, and the approximate number of words acceptable for the size of your Brochure.

Tip 4. It’s essential that you take into consideration that the images that you choose will play a very important role in the Brochure campaign. If you build an effective concept but you can’t support it with a proper image, then the campaign will fail to succeed. This occurs because of the central role that images play in today’s world. Our globalized system forces the information to be understandable for everyone in a simple and quick way. For this reason, images have become a prime tool for communication and marketing. It’s very likely that you won’t find the images you want for your Brochure available. This is why, design companies generally have images banks and storages so that the user can pick the right images for your campaign.

Tip 5. Take into consideration that, just as they are central in a Brochure campaign, images are a very complex aspect of these campaigns too. This occurs because, technically speaking, they depend on a level of quality to be efficient. Besides, the quality will also depend on the budget. Frequently, clients give their designers images that are below the acceptable technical quality standard. This is as true with photographs as with any other type of image.

Although the real effect that your Brochure will have will be defined during the realization process, it’s important that you take our advices. In this way, you are more likely to get the graphic pieces that meet your needs and requirements.

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