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Brochure and Corporate Identity

The main aim of any Brochure campaign is to reinforce the corporate identity of a specific company. This means enjoys an advantage over other means. This is the result of two characteristics that differentiate this means from others: brochures are material and direct means. Below our website will provide further information of these two aspects, which make a Brochure a powerful tool to reinforce the corporate image of a company.

A Brochure is a material means. That is, as it is a visual and tactile tool, it immediately evokes our senses. This makes each of the details that make up the design central elements in the totality of the presentation. In this way, the selection of colors is of high importance.

The most used printing system for Brochure printing is the offset system. This is ideal as it allows printing on any type of paper and, what is more, in full color. Apart from the four conventional colors (yellow, cyan, black and magenta), special colors from the Pantone system can be used. These colors are well defined and include golden, fluorescent and silver-plate shades.

When you choose the design that you will use for your Brochure campaign, you should remember that the type of paper you want to use to print your Brochures is also an element of the design. Coming to an agreement with the designer as regards this issue is necessary so that you use the type of paper and coating that is right for the aims of the campaign. Printing on newsprint paper and printing on illustration paper are very different things. Each type of paper produces different types of tactile effects.

When we talk about the material aspect of Brochures, other aspects should also be considered. Brochures are completely different from audiovisual publications as they have a physical presence. When a customer holds a trifold, there is a real link between them. That is, he or she can see it, touch it and even smell it. This gives way to a relationship that is completely different from that between another advertising means and the customer.

Brochures are direct means. That is, they allow a close relationship with the target audience. This characteristic is fundamental when building a strong corporate identity, as in this way the identity can be recognized directly and effectively. Colors, the layout of images, the typography, and the brand logo allow the audience to associate the Brochure and the brand it represents immediately.

The Brochure fixation in the mind of the receptors has as an aim to be perdurable. There is no use in recognizing the message if in time the image and the brand are not going to be associated. For this not to occur, it’s important that there is coherence between the different Brochure campaigns that are launched throughout time. In this way, the recognition will be direct. For this reason, the design criterion is an essential characteristic that should be always taken into consideration.

You together with the graphic designer should consider these two aspects of Brochures in order to accomplish the desired effects. It’s essential to take advantage of the possibility this type of tool provides so that your campaign meets success and allows the building of a solid and efficient corporate identity.

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